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Kevin Vance
5 May 1983
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A guy who is really lazy about updating his bio when it's years out of date.

I program computer games for fun and profit, I've run linux on my desktop since the 1990s, and I live on the east coast but I have my eye on the west coast. I'm interested in synthesizers that make the kind of sounds I grew up listening to: subtractive, simple filters, FM, and tracked modules. I love adventure games, rhythm games, and the highly polished, extensively tested masterpieces that only the super-rich can create. *cough*Valve

I like cooking with big, bold flavors, particularly southwest US and Indian. I don't know how anyone made food before an internet full of recipes and a hard drive full of Good Eats episodes. I can claim that I'm not a total noob because I have made a souffle, and it did not deflate!

I used to keep this journal a lot more frequently, but my life seems more mundane than it used to. And my compulsion to complain about everything has diminshed ;) It's still the best way to keep in touch with the various internet people I've met. But I think my main use for it is to determine whether some new thing I bought is still under warranty by searching for the entry for when I bought it. By reading this, you too can be a part of remembering that thing.