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08:52 pm

Thursday, May 24th, 2007
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I'm going back to Carlsbad next week to work on TKDWC. I'm staying for a month, and during that time, we'll be doing everything that's left to do before the game ships. Wow, yeah.

I also realized that using my old ThinkPad 600e for an entire month would probably make me wish I had never been born. I was *this* close to trolling the local computer stores for laptops, when Dell began selling their first laptop that is preloaded (and 100% compatible) with Ubuntu Linux. Which is what I would have installed anyway if I had bought a new ThinkPad. So, I did it.

I bought one. Don't let me down, Dell dude! I'm happy with my choice, and I'm particularly happy that I won't have to use closed-source graphics drivers. But since I had Dell ship it to the office in California, I had to pay an extra $30 in CA taxes and fees. And it won't get there until almost the middle of the month. So I'll have just enough time with the ancient ThinkPad to make me want to end it all. Still worth it.
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