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03:46 pm


Monday, August 28th, 2000
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School begins! Schedule:
Unionville High Sch.               08/25/2000      Student Schedule 2000-2001

   ID#         Name                                 Locker  Sex  Grade  Hmrm
  XXXXXX   Vance Kevin M.                             2144   M     12   A115

                                   Hmrm Teacher- LEATHERS       12-10
                                   Counselor-    WOOD

Crse/Sect  Description          Term   Pds.   Days       Room  Instructor
 9041-01   ALL ABOUT MUSIC      YEAR  01-01     E        B102  WOOD
 9333-02   ART III-PORTFOLIO    YEAR  01-01 ABCD F       A143  WHEET
 9996-22   STUDY HALL           FALL  02-02 A            CAFA  PRUITT
 9996-26   STUDY HALL           FALL  02-02  B           CAFA  PRUITT
 9996-33   STUDY HALL           FALL  02-02   C          A141  BENSON
 9996-38   STUDY HALL           FALL  02-02    D         A101  BLUMENTHAL
 9996-45   STUDY HALL           FALL  02-02     E        C109  BURGESS
 9996-49   STUDY HALL           FALL  02-02      F       C109  BURGESS
 9112-13   PHYSICAL ED. - 12TH  SPR.  02-02 A C E        GYM   WHITE
 9996-26   STUDY HALL           SPR.  02-02  B           CAFA  PRUITT
 9996-38   STUDY HALL           SPR.  02-02    D         A101  BLUMENTHAL
 9996-49   STUDY HALL           SPR.  02-02      F       C109  BURGESS
 2233-06   INTRO. TO ECON. ACAD FALL  03-03 ABCDEF       C120  WEBB
 2235-06   U.S. GOVT.-ACADEMIC  SPR.  03-03 ABCDEF       C120  WEBB
4451-03   CALCULUS             YEAR  04-05 ABCDEF       A117  KITTLE
 0010-02   LUNCH                FALL  06-06 ABCDEF       CAFE
 0011-02   LUNCH                SPR.  06-06 ABCDEF       CAFE
 1200-04   ENGLISH 12 ACADEMIC  YEAR  07-08 ABCDEF       C133  PRUITT
 8831-01   AP PHYSICS           YEAR  07-08 ABCDEF       B138  VALLETTE
 8831-01   AP PHYSICS           YEAR  09-09 A C          B138  VALLETTE
 9998-73   STUDY HALL           FALL  10-10  B           A131  O'DONNELL
 9998-85   STUDY HALL           FALL  10-10    D         A131  O'DONNELL
 9998-89   STUDY HALL           FALL  10-10     E        C122  SCHOTT
 9998-92   STUDY HALL           FALL  10-10      F       C125  HESS
 9998-74   STUDY HALL           SPR.  10-10  B           A150  BERKEIHISER
 9998-86   STUDY HALL           SPR.  10-10    D         C125  HESS
 9998-89   STUDY HALL           SPR.  10-10     E        C122  SCHOTT
 9998-94   STUDY HALL           SPR.  10-10      F       C122  SCHOTT
Ah, senior year. The easiest year of them all... school's fine except the bus ride. I hate riding the stupid bus with all the stupid little kids. Wish I didn't get all caught up in the new PA license law (they implemented a 6 month waiting period a few days before I got my permit). Ah well...
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[User Picture]From: lipid
2000-08-28 05:29 pm (UTC)

I bet if they hadn't put in the six month waiting period you would've waited another six months anyway.
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[User Picture]From: pvx
2000-08-28 09:26 pm (UTC)
Hmrm Teacher- LEATHERS
Counselor-    WOOD



My friend's schedule is better... all study halls.
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