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04:13 pm

Geeked out

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006
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After my DS, I must have been in the mood for flashing because I ended up flashing the firmware and the flex on my V3 to whatever the latest was on Now I can record crappy 3gp videos. It may fix all the spontaneous rebooting and not getting calls I've had lately. I have the feeling I need a new battery though.

So since I had to restore all my data anyway, I made some changes. So long, Matrix skin. Hello invXenonAB. I threw together a minimal version of Uncle Tom's XEQTION.MOD emphasizing the st-02:peck sample to use as a ringtone, but then... I couldn't resist this reproduction of the CTU ring. Sometimes you just have to go with someone else's work. Babylon 5 season 1 doorbell as my notification sound, as usual.

I inverted my traditional Deus Ex logo to go with the theme, replacing Mr. Cingular on the outer screen. And I made a ridiculous "debugging an embedded device"-style startup sequence to replace Cingular's "Be Safe, Be Courteous" gems. No GIF timing information because the phone is so slow during startup that it would have no effect. Note the non-vsynched wipe to black at the end. That fill takes so long that the fake artifact works really well. Power off is "Power OFF..." in the same font on a black screen. Star Trek beeps, but I'm open to replacement ideas.

I'm all better btw, except for this stuff in my lungs.

Current Music Wuiti - Beyond Mix (Nectarine)
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