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10:54 pm

Saturday, October 7th, 2006
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Feeling better. Sinuses returning to normal. It's all in my lungs now. Tomorrow or Monday I should be good as new. Another victory for my mighty human immune system!

I finally flashed my DS Lite firmware today. It was occasionally failing to boot from the NoPass (probably because SLOT-1 is dusty or something) and that was making me nervous. It was pretty painless, and I didn't even have to remove any warranty-voiding stickers. I used some rolled up tin foil insulated with scotch tape like in this guide, and after wiggling it around in the SL1 hole, it worked. The tiny screwdriver wasn't enough to short it. So at least that's done. If any of you want to borrow my NoPass to flash your own DS, just ask.

Looks like Triton, the digital distribution service for Prey has abruptly disappeared, leaving players unable to use their games. Although I've bought games from Steam at every opportunity, I didn't like the looks of Triton's website so I bought an old-fashioned boxed copy. ( is missing on, or I'd link.) This is the same reason that many people won't use Steam, but I'm not that concerned. It's not that I trust Valve. I just know that there will always be a fine backup digital distribution system available.
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