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09:40 pm

Thursday, June 1st, 2006
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HL2: Episode One was released today. It's short, but not *very* short. Most importantly, it has more of that good Half Life gameplay, with a few new things like Alyx fighting alongside you most of the time instead of *rarely* like the last game. There's also some heavy science emphasis in the first chapter, which reminded me of the original Half Life. I'm having a great time with this, and I can't wait to get to the end so I can play it again with the commentary mode turned on :D

Also, I'm^Hve an EXE parsing machine!

>>> exe.file_version
>>> exe.product_version
>>> exe.version_strings
{u'LegalCopyright': u'\xa9 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.', u'InternalName': u'wdviewer.exe', u'FileVersion': u'11.0.6412', u'CompanyName': u'Microsoft Corporation', u'ProductName': u'Microsoft Office Word Viewer 2003', u'ProductVersion': u'11.0.6412', u'FileDescription': u'Microsoft Office Word Viewer 2003 Self-Extracting Installer', u'OriginalFilename': u'wdviewer.exe'}
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