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11:28 pm

Thursday, May 25th, 2006
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I have to write about my most recent dreams:

Visiting my old high school is a recurring theme, and it's always changed into a vast campus of a dozen buildings. I was invited to the school to speak about computers, but that part was boring. One of the new buildings was a multistory car park, which started to be converted to a new purpose while I was in it. It became used as a multistory... *bunk bed* (was what I was thinking in the dream) to sleep hundreds of scarcely dressed teenage girls, who I assumed were from the high school.

Yeah. Tell me your subconscious mind has thought of something better.

I was in there because I had just found out that every time I visit the school, these.. kind of car guardian angels always perform some kind of upgrade on it while I'm inside. They were just a couple of regular auto mechanic-looking guys. This time, they were late, and only started work when I was getting back from the school. So I ran at them yelling all kinds of shit to get away from my car thinking they were thieves, but they explained their work and we took it into the garage area, which would soon become the girl sleeping structure.

The upgrade was already finished, which was a pretty big continuity error that I missed during the dream. It was some kind of nitrous system, which for some reason they demoed with the car in neutral. The exhaust smelled *terrible* and looked like black smoke, and I was getting worried because I have to get a state inspection next month (which I do).

There was another short unrelated part. In this one, devingt and I were at some kind of E3-like game convention, and we met Joss Whedon. Except he was like a younger, handsomer Joss Whedon. He received my praise for Firefly and Buffy very laid-back and cool, and then went on to do some kind of Jackass-type stunt with devingt. It didn't go well. I don't remember anything else about this part.
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[User Picture]From: wikle
2006-05-26 04:23 am (UTC)
Your dreams sound pretty kicking. Much better then mine the last week or so. All of mine have been about people talking in legalize (what the average person thinks a lawyer sounds like). Its disgusting.
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