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A bunch of little paragraphs

Wednesday, May 24th, 2006
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This is what happens when you don't make LJ posts for a long time:

I made chilli from a recipe last night out of ground peppers and sirloin cubed up. And then invalidated its contestworthiness by dumping in a bunch of beans. Anyway, I've never actually made chilli before (as opposed to extracting it from a can or box), and it tasted great! Amazing that all you really have to do is follow the damn instructions :)

I pwned some debugging for tkdwc tonight. You know the theoretical process: you reproduce the problem, examine whatever information is relevant, make a guess, and fix it on your first try? It went exactly like that. Uncanny.

The rain seems to be over, but the lawn continues its march towards victory. I spread some PatchMaster over the bare spots near the road, but the previously barren area around our mailbox is starting to flourish by itself!

It's been more than a week, and I still can't beat the last three Guitar Hero songs on expert mode.

I switched over to the new backend a few days ago. A few "oops" things: I never erased the fake matrix poster screenshots for kevedit, which were served to a few people on the live site. Also, the thing that's supposed to increment the download count is only doing it for individual files, not project totals.

Once I write a little more perl so I can add new projects *outside* of mysqlclient, I have at least 2 new projects I've been meaning to post: uget (a wget frontend for youtube that will scrape the title and get a bugmenot password to log in if necessary) and lj_filter_finder (the gentleman's privacy invader).

My horrible Belkin DVI KVM freaked out on Monday, and wouldn't let any EDID information through. I manually entered the timing information and tried all kinds of flags, but to no avail. It happened at the same time as I installed the new nvidia drivers, for extra confusion. My fix: attaching the monitor with the only other DVI cable I can get to--the broken 25' one--while X initialized, and then putting it back on the KVM. I'm afraid I'll have to do it again the next time my machine crashes.

I'm about ready to blame the southbridge overheating for why atlas crashes so often (but it can go for weeks without). It's the only thing on there that's passively cooled. My theory is that heavily loading both the CPUs and the onboard NIC will always cause a crash given enough time. I never feel up to proving it though because I perpetually have at least 4 screens of work open.

I'd love to solve this one because atlas has 6 internal fans and 3 disk drives, one of which is 15krpm, and leaving it open with yet another fan pointed in... it's kind of noisy.

What's terrible is that I'm used to it. I can't sleep anymore without enough fans whirring.
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From: preshgsi
2006-05-24 10:43 am (UTC)
Haha, I know what you mean about the fans and sleep. I unplugged my debian box one night (it's a server) and it took me like 2.5 hrs longer to fall asleep.
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