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11:28 pm

Sunday, January 8th, 2006
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% ls -l ~/lj/pics/Things/Miscellaneous 
total 1498
-rw-------  1 kvance users 171984 Dec 31  1969 android1.jpg
-rw-------  1 kvance users  71365 Dec 31  1969 android2.jpg
-rw-------  1 kvance users 156437 Dec 31  1969 android3.jpg
All my pictures were taken at the epoch! Why doesn't fotobilder have a "date" meta? :( Anyway, I've got a nice no-read, no-write filesystem going here.

Other stuff? I went to the shipyard shops in Delaware with my folks and got some cheap clothes from the VF outlet there. It's tiny compared to the one in Reading, but the prices are the same. We also stopped for lunch at the Iron Hill Brewery, which turned out to be Sunday brunch. I've never ordered steak and eggs from anywhere before, but it was calling to me today, and oh man. What a ridiculous meal. The steak was actually good. I was just.. not expecting a breakfast hunk of meat to be good. But yeah, not hungry for the rest of the day. If you know me, that doesn't happen often XD
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