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07:04 pm

Monday, October 31st, 2005
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This is pretty cool: Romeo Knight has a website. With *stuff* on it!

I finished my Veronica Marsathon a couple days ago. Much like Arrested Development, my only regret is waiting until season 2 to start watching.

I did end up getting Civ 4 to work. I followed these directions, which didn't work, uninstalled the ATI drivers, ran the DirectX installer from the CD, reinstalled the ATI drivers, and PLAYED! It's buggy as hell, leaks memory, and has caused me two WinXP bluescreens, which I had never seen before.

But it is FUN. I mean, I'm still trying to deal with Archers being used for defense and the Pyramids not giving you free granaries... but I'm pretty sure that every change they made (and there are a LOT of changes) is for the better. The most exciting new featureset has to be religion. Get a couple of religions into a city, build up temples and cathedrals, and culture++++++. Other civs also seem to be really hardcore about having the same state religion.

I have not yet finished a game because of the crashing though.
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