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06:12 pm

Thursday, October 6th, 2005
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It's been almost five years since my last colorquiz; how about another go? My commentary in italics.

Your Existing Situation
The existing situation contains critical or dangerous elements for which it is imperative that some solution be found. Dead right. I'm unhappy with my weight, my personality, and my unemployment. I'm either examining or executing plans on all three fronts.This may lead to sudden, even reckless, decisions. Bring it on. Self-willed and rejects any advice from others. Maybe..... YES D:

Your Stress Sources
Feels that life has far more to offer and that there are still important things to be achieved--that life must be experienced to the fullest. True. As a result, he pursues his objectives with a fierce intensity that will not let go of things. Becomes deeply involved and runs the risk of being unable to view things with sufficient objectivity, or calmly enough; is therefore in danger of becoming agitated and of exhausting his nervous energy. If it's not something you can get deeply involved in, it's not worth doing! Cannot leave things alone and feels he can only be at peace when he has finally reached his goal. Yes :( :(

Your Restrained Characteristics
Trying to calm down and unwind after a period of over-agitation which has left him listless and devoid of energy. In my opinion, I have done enough unwinding. In need of peace and quiet; becomes irritable if this is denied him. Forever true.

Able to achieve satisfaction through sexual activity (i.e. male) but restless and inclined to be emotionally withdrawn, which prevents him from becoming deeply involved.

Your Desired Objective
Wants to make a favorable impression and be regarded as a special personality. I'm SPECIAL? Is therefore constantly on the watch to see whether he is succeeding in this and how others are reacting to him; this makes him feel he is in control. I guess eventually? I'm notoriously bad at reading people. I have had whole conversations that I did not understand until hours or DAYS later! Uses tactics cleverly in order to obtain influence and special recognition. Only if it's subconsciously. Susceptible to the esthetic (sic) or original. Damn right.

Your Actual Problem
Afraid that he may be prevented from achieving the things he wants and therefore demands that others should recognize his right to them. Sorry, just not seeing it. My RIGHT to them?

There is something to the colorquiz. It consistently gets more of them right than it gets wrong. The previous one I linked to is uncanny in its description of me in high school.

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[User Picture]From: nearby
2005-10-06 11:50 pm (UTC)

Dude, I got the same desired objective but different everything else, also, I got TWO actual problems!
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