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A few things

Monday, September 26th, 2005
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I'm halfway through Interface, which was recently republished with Neal Stephenson's (and J. Frederick George's) name on it. It's not bad. Some of the characters are pretty Stephensonian, but it drags on a lot. Seems like it's better than Big U but a far cry from Snow Crash. My opinion could change at any page though.

I've played around with EVE Online a little. Free 14 day trial. I'm not sure how much this would cost per month, but it would probably be too much. There is an awful lot of downtime in the game. You can totally violate the fabric of spacetime to warp almost instantly between star systems and planets... but must slow to a crawl 15km from anything. The warp system is more or less consistent with Star Trek's warp and impulse engines, except there is no "magic of TV" cut when you drop to impulse. So, I've run a lot of Space Errands and read Interface while my screen was simulating lots of beautiful stellar phenomena.

Vector engine... not to try and compete with John Carmack or anything. Mine's way different. Probably not useful for a DOOM RPG type of game, but I'm still regrouping to rewrite it so it could be useful at all. This week will probably show whether I've got anything worth making a game out of.

Somewhere in there, I really have to finish up the last 5% of Handhelj 1.3.0 final and just release this horrible monster already.

I've also got Health Insurance! I went ahead and filed through a leading online insurance website, since I thought filling out HTML forms and stumbitting them electronically would be faster than doing it by hand and by post. I was probably wrong. After filling out the HTML form, they print it out for you, and everything continues by post. It took about a month. Anyway, my plan is super cheap, but it's pretty much there in case of emergency. No hospital debt for me!

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From: thedexter
2005-09-26 08:30 am (UTC)
Kev, I wonder if you used to read Suck. I came across this today and found this linked which I hadn't previously seen. Good shit.
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[User Picture]From: kvance
2005-09-26 06:40 pm (UTC)
Oh wow.. I had to think about that for a minute, but yes I did! Thanks :)
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From: entropy512
2005-09-27 01:54 am (UTC)
I played EVE for about nine months.

Great concept, not the best implementation. Don't know if Xanadu is still dominant - I was Xan until I quit the game. (In fact, I was Xan in Planetarion which is how I got started with EVE.)

EVE definately has a lot of downtime, which is both good and bad. An enterprising programmer can combine decompyle and a bit of hackery and do some nifty (albeit TOS-breaking) things to the game. SuperPilot made my life sooo much easier. (Automatically engaged afterburners/MWDs for gate runs, and would automagically select any appropriate instajump bookmarks along my route.)

EVE Tip: If there's a route you go along a LOT, go 15km past the jumpgate for the next system in each step of the route, from the jumpgate you just arrived at. Bookmark that location in space. Next time you go along this route, warp to the bookmark in question and you'll drop out of warp within jumping distance of the gate. :)

If I still played I'd hook you up with my massive instajump bookmark collection, but I haven't played for nearly a year and a half.

I've been playing DAoC since quitting EVE. (And actually played DAoC for nine months before quitting that for EVE.)

As far as HandheLJ - there's still a 5-way nav bug I keep on catching and not getting around to fixing... REALLY I'll get around to it soon! (Hopefully after the Comprehensive Exam of Doom on Oct. 5).
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