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08:18 pm

Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
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Driller screenshotIt's not looking good for my MIDP vector engine. After some unsuccessful attempts last night, I implemented backface culling this morning. The framerate in the emulator doubled (as expected), but stayed the same on hardware. Remember, the profiler was indicating 75% of cycles were wasted on drawLine(). So, I removed the drawing instructions, and the framerate on the hardware stayed the same.

Which means the integer hardware is not as good as I thought, which means I'm going to be severely polygon-limited even with careful optimization.

I'm still going to go ahead and see how far I can take it. If I'm truly not being killed by drawLine(), then filling my cpu-bound number of polygons won't be that bad. Hey, it only took a handful of polygons to make Driller. And my integer hardware is better than a 6502... right?!!@$
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