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12:25 am

Friday, June 3rd, 2005
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Let's see, other stuff. Today (Thursday), my MX-1000 got here. I don't know how much more sensitive it is than the MX-500, but I like the side buttons better. The middle button... I'm going to have to get used to. You really have to hit it head-on. Otherwise, you get a sidescroll. And the sidescrollers do not seem to work, at least in Firefox and The GIMP. Is this something Linux even knows about?

Also, remember how I found that secret hi-def UPN channel on Comcast? It was added to the lineup today. No TV listings yet, but the set top box now has a spot for it. I watched a channel being born :)

Finally washed my car. We're talking months of accumulated crap from it being spring. There's a lot of money I could potentially waste on it right now...

It badly needs new paint. New rear tires would be nice. I'm thinking of disconnecting the electricity from the antenna motor since it doesn't work (and it makes noise all the time), but in a perfect world, that would get replaced. Honda has reminded me that they have scheduled maintenance they want to do, which is a potential bonanza of mechanical stuff to pay for... besides the oil change I need. There is a loose belt or something that occasionally makes noise. The right headlight is cracked. The hazard light switch isn't hooked up. Speedometer takes a few minutes to warm up. Tire pressure is wrong.. that doesn't cost anything.

I think that's all :)

...Now I wish I hadn't made a list.
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