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11:08 pm

Monday, May 30th, 2005
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Gluuuh, I got this stomach virus that everyone else in my family got this week. Not having a wonderful time. I did watch like 6 episodes of star trek though :P

...that said, here is some more stuff about receiving Comcast cable with my HD-3000. I think I have access to all of the non-premium "digital cable" as well. There are a ton of standard definition programs crammed into each of a range of QAM channels. Of course, without any identifying information, it will be difficult to get the ones I want into mythtv.

(This is advantageous, as I've mentioned before, because my analog cable is noisy.)

If the sync between the channels is not too bad, I'm thinking of a program that uses the HD-3000 in conjunction with a v4l analog tv tuner. You crawl along the analog channels making histograms and comparing them to a digital channel. Since you have xmltv data for the analog channels, you can probably figure out a channel ID for all of the digital channels that correspond to the analog ones. Or just use the same ID.

Things this needs:
* capture analog cable screenshots: easy, use streamer.
* DVB tuner: done, use azap.
* parse mpeg transport streams: Are there even libraries for this? :(
* capture digital cable screenshots: less easy. After isolating an mpeg program stream, use some mpeg library?
* image processing stuff: probably easy, I'm almost positive there are python libraries that do what I want.
* xmltv: done.

--hey, I just serendipitously found cartoon network. Channel 24, program 2. Heh, 504x480. Hiiiiigh def. Looks like there is 7-8 seconds lag.

All this talk about mpeg program streams is making me feel better.
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