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12:15 am

Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
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Metroid Prime: Echoes: COMPLETE

Got 81%... and never got the charge combo for my annihilator beam. D'oh! Anyway, that game was exactly like Metroid Prime except with different graphics. It was more or less just as fun. I'm not so sure that the sticks-and-balls interface for the menus was the right choice. has stopped receiving mail from One of these days, I need to buy real hosting for that domain. Now I have LJ sending me mail somewhere else, so at least I'm getting notified about comments again.

I finally decided to abandon my dreams of Ogre inside Python, so I've begun doing some tutorials in C++. This is urgent because I recently was struck by a game idea that might actually be fun perhaps I speculated. Unfortunately, it has to be done in 3D, so I've been doing that and messing around in Blender.

Argh, I'm going to have to go to class tomorrow. Lousy Tuesdays and Thursdays...
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