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09:17 pm


Saturday, February 12th, 2005
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I haven't posted on Saturday in over a month. Or on LJ much lately. I've just been doing that which I do.

...mostly playing video games, and rewatching Arrested Development. Not terribly impressive. I took my red notebook with me to a class last week, and went over how some levels might go in a puzzle game I'd been thinking about. By the end of the class, I found out it wasn't fun to play.

Other things I've been thinking about are a physics-based.. abstract-ish game--mostly a list of weird properties that might be fun when combined--and spacegame. In my mind, spacegame is now more of a third-person vehicle and person game (think Beyond Good & Evil, not GTA3). It is also too much to do on my own without coming up with some yet-uninvented procedural mapping code, something like Perlin's walking stick figures, and things like these. Which I've also been thinking about.

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