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01:51 am

Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
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I'm back at Maryland. The drive down was.. an experience. My dad and I went, taking his car and mine. I've never driven in the snow before, and my car handled it well. No problem getting up the hill out of my house. But what was new to me was the ice-crap that gets blown onto the windshield. For the first 30 minutes or so, I was blind most of the time. Using the windshield fluid was futile, since it only lasted for about 10 seconds before more crap got on. I realized that I would run out of fluid if I kept that up, so I settled on using the spray from other cars when I could get it. When I stopped for gas, I squeegeed the windshield and then made it all the way here without any more windshield wiping. By the end, it was half opaque. I do not understand the human visual system, but I sure appreciate how well it can filter out so much noise.

So, I didn't get to enjoy my new car mp3s so much this time. But I have to say that the studio version of Purple Motion's Second Reality is somehow enhanced by driving. Shivers down my spine.

Now, on to the important stuff: digital television!

I placed my antenna onto my desk, in front of the window. Didn't have to adjust anything; I got all the channels (almost). This is a welcome change from the situation I had before. I was surprised that it just worked! Here's all the channels I get:
  • CBS (WUSA-DT), and another program with doppler radar
  • NBC (WRC-DT), and another program with weather info
  • ABC (WJLA-DT), and another program with news (low resolution)
  • WB (WBDC-DT)... comes in a little weak. I adjusted the gain up (from zero) a tiiiny bit, and I get dollar signs. This hurts the reception of the other channels slightly, but they still come in much stronger than at home

So, what's missing from this list? UPN!@#$ From what I've read of people complaining on usenet, WDCA-DT is apparently an extremely low power station. Antennaweb suggests that I use a "medium directional antenna." I have no idea what that entails, but if you can make one out of a coffee can or something, I'm there. It's unfortunate though, since the show I wanted to see the most in high def was Enterprise. Here's what you're missing, from what I recorded last week:

At least I get FOX. I'm interested in Arrested Development and House on that channel. But, I'd gladly trade ABC, NBC, and CBS for Enterprise :P
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