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07:15 pm

Friday, December 10th, 2004
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Belkin sent me a replacement KVM, new in box. Which means it actually has the native power supply, so I don't have to use my Radio Shack one. It works better than the last one did (actually switches video), but the lesson definitely seems to be: Belkin F1DD102U suuuucks, don't buy it.

The USB keyboard port does some kind of processing that adds a LOT of latency to each keypress. On the order of hundreds of milliseconds. I tested this on a real USB keyboard. Not acceptable. It also continuously chirps at you if you remove the keyboard. However, if you plug a keyboard into one of the auxiliary ports, no processing is done, and the keyboard works fine. Of course, that means I can't use Scroll Lock to switch between machines.

So, I need to have three keyboards for this system: one to stop the KVM from chirping (but not to type on), one to boot atlas (its BIOS usb support is badly broken), and the actual typing keyboard. I can cheat a little by plugging an empty PS2->USB adapter into the KVM keyboard port.

Speaking of PS2->USB adapters, this is a problem I still have to solve. The Belkin adapter I have now fails because it interprets HOLDING DOWN A KEY as KEYPRESS,KEYRELEASE,KEYPRESS,etc. Not the same thing, and this breaks every game where you hold W,S,A,D to move. At the beginning of this year, I bought a Radio Shack PS2->USB adapter but returned it when my KVM stopped working. Too bad I don't remember if it actually worked or not. My LJ entry from then is too vague.

So anyway, I am now using one KVM to switch the K, and the other to switch the V and M. Tomorrow, I guess I'll go back to Radio Shack and buy their adapter again.

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