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04:41 pm

Monday, November 29th, 2004
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Hi, so what's been going on?

Came back to MD Saturday morning, and didn't do as much work as I'd hoped. Why do I need such immense time-pressure to do non-comp sci work? :(

Former roommate David made a surprise visit on Saturday night. Last year had the best roommates.

Wrote half of and gave my geology talk today, fixed my OS project to work with the new tester today. Plus, I think I fixed the mystery bug. Need a big marketing paper by this Thursday, small geology paper next Friday. And then finals. Assuming I can manage to NOT WRITE THE PAPERS THE DAY BEFORE, I shouldn't even be crushed under the tension of my own inability &c. this semester.

OH, and I tried out that Half-Life 2 stutter patch, and it didn't seem to help. But you know what did? The one suggestion about disabling your mp3 codec. I have no idea why this works, since I have no clue about windows and multimedia. I guess it's tied really heavily into the OS or something? But now it's only stuttering during save points, which is fine.

Things I've been wanting to play with, but have been avoiding because I'd feel guilty about not working on school: enlightenment e17 window manager code in cvs, adlib tracker 2.
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