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10:35 pm

Saturday, November 20th, 2004
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So, I went to the Verizon Store to get my VX4400 fixed. And then I went to the next Verizon Store down the road, because they couldn't do it at the first one. At the second store, the guy took the shortest glimpse at my phone and said I'd need a new one, fifty bucks, pick it up in an hour. D'oh :(

An hour and twenty minutes later, they had a new VX4400 for me. At least it's in much better shape than my old one. Then I spent the next couple of hours restoring my settings to their former glory, Deus Ex background and ringtone, some phone numbers, voice dial, Bejewelled. I even warezed a few new games including Prince of Persia. Sorry, mobile game developer guys, but if BREW didn't impose an artificial barrier to entry, then I might feel bad about it.

Also, let me say this about the state of midi editing on linux: don't. Just don't even try. There are about 30 programs, all of which were written in 1999 and won't compile on a modern system, and the rest have an unresolvable chain of dependencies to stuff like kde, alsa, and arts which I try and keep off my computer.

I wanted to do some very simple tweaking of my Deus Ex ringer, and I was really unable to. I need to find that CD with Cakewalk or whatever it was that came with my soundcard.

I was supposed to spend all day working on my OS project today. Oops.

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