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05:29 pm


Friday, November 12th, 2004
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Replacement disk came. Installed it, looks like it works. I decided to switch from xfs to reiserfs. Ever since my laptop lost most of its files over a year ago, I've been meaning to transition the rest of my stuff away from xfs.

My next mini project really needs to be automated backup to gmail. Preferably using someone else's already-tested software.

Oh, the free version of Tyrian 2000 seems to work perfectly with DOSBox. You can get it from the underdogs. Except it's all weird because they added all kinds of stuff and changed the name of Lord ZZT to something like Lord Copenhagen.

Walked around in the rain a lot today. I like rainy days, as long as they're just once-in-a-while. Even when it's 45F outside.
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From: thedexter
2004-11-13 01:13 am (UTC)
I never got DOSBox (or WINE) working when I was running FreeBSD. I think I got dosemu to run once, though.

What was the latest disk error? You've had problems with IBM and WD both now? I've exclusively used WD in every computer I've ever owned and the last problem I had was with whatever the home computer was before we got a 486. I think maybe it was a 286 running in the teens of MHz... but I can't remember. Long time ago. Might've had an amber screen, but I'm not 100%. Maybe four colors.

Anyway, is there any chance you'd copy Knights of the Old Republic for me, if I PayPal you some money for shipping? I've been lusting after it but I'm getting raped on this BitTorrent download. My share ratio's something absurd like 2.25, I'm at 30%, downloading in the single or low double digits (in kb/s) though constantly uploading at 20-50kb/s.
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[User Picture]From: kvance
2004-11-13 02:44 am (UTC)
In recent history (~4 years), I've had 2 ATA IBMs and 2 ATA WDs fail. (The second WD was a warranty replacement for the first). I've also had 1 SCSI Fujitsu, 1 ATA WD and 2 ATA Seagates not fail yet.

The recent one had all kinds of problems. It would fail on long reads or writes, or sometimes just slow way the hell down. SMART short self-tests failed on a read test and an electrical test(!!), but the long self-test passed.

I actually don't seem to have KOTOR anymore. I was playing my roommate's copy last year. I'll ask him about it when I see him, though.
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From: thedexter
2004-11-15 08:41 am (UTC)
Nevermind, the bittorrent finished. I'm kickin' all sorts of Sith ass.
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