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12:54 pm

Wednesday, August 16th, 2000
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That was the most bizarre dream ever. First of all, my dad decided to hide little bombs in the living room and it was up to be to find and remove them before they went off in an hour. I got most of them, but nearly an hour later, I realized that blinking red light in the TV and the UPS were more of them! By then my dad had changed his mind and decided that he didn't want to bomb the living room anymore, and that he'd get rid of them later. But since there was only a few minutes left, I had to pull the plug on the UPS to cut off their electricity. For some reason, that worked.

Then I had decided I was going to make a movie with my little brother. We went out walking in the woods until we found a river and set up a big mirror on top of a staircase, and a big cabinet on the bank to put the camera on. I was going to do this cool walking-through-the-mirror thing, like in The Matrix (this didn't actually happen in The Matrix, but I thought it did in the dream), so I walked behind it and would add some special effects in post.

But as I was getting to the end, I got swept up in the current and fortunately got to the riverbank again. I had to insist we do the shot over, and almost got swept away again. Then a bunch of weird stuff happened with the cabinet falling over, but not knocking down the mirror, etc.

Then the dream shifted and some chick on E! was making fun of the clip of me falling into the river. It would have been embarassing, only she was doing the review stark naked.

Dream shifts again, and John Steed from The Avengers has traveled back in time, only he's been there before and has to fool everyone into thinking that he hasn't. Then some really weird stuff goes on, something about knights and political prisoners. Still in the same location, but I don't remember any more about Steed.

Anyway, that's the longest dream I've ever remembered, and the weirdest. Analyze /that/ :P
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From: gurlie15
2000-08-16 10:13 am (UTC)


Once I had a dream about someone placing bombs around my house and they told me I had to find them. I thought I'd share that with you since the begining of your dream went something like that. The other things though, I have no ideas about. :o) Bye-bye!
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[User Picture]From: kvance
2000-08-16 10:49 am (UTC)

Re: Dreams

Heh, that's funny. I wonder if it's a symbol for anything...
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From: gurlie15
2000-08-16 10:55 am (UTC)

Re: Dreams

Maybe so. If you have any ideas on what it could be a symbol of, e-mail me. or IM me at guitarchic14 for the AOL IM

:o) Ella

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[User Picture]From: pvx
2000-08-16 10:59 am (UTC)

Re: Dreams

Maybe the blinky-red-lights-doing-bad-stuff-abound are in general.

Back when I was a little kid, I had a dream which for some reason I still remember slightly where I was on the campus of my great aunt's local hotel (really exists), but in the dream, there were these weirdassed little blinky-red-light devices stuck in the ground everywhere, and when you looked at them, they quickly damaged your vision. I'd be walking around, and allofasudden, I'd realize that there was a blinky-red-light in front of me that I was looking at and I'd have to quickly avert my eyes as not to go completely blind.

Wait, that's not the same at all. Oh well.
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From: piman
2000-08-16 11:01 am (UTC)


This is what dreamLog is for :P

I think it means you have issues with your mother. On the other hand, try to explain my dream where I was covered with Outsider snot.
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[User Picture]From: myth
2000-08-16 11:44 am (UTC)


My analysis: this dream is about frustration with the creative process. You feel like you have too many obligations tying you down, obligations that you don't want or really care about. These obligations prevent you from pursuing your 'art' (whatever that may be). Furthermore, even when you do find time to be creative, you feel that you're often struck down by circumstances that you can't control. Maybe you feel that the people you trust often let you down and this leads to failure. Doot doo, that was fun. Cool dream, btw. What did you eat the night before?
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[User Picture]From: kvance
2000-08-16 01:12 pm (UTC)

Re: eventually

Nice analysis. For what it's worth, I hate hamburgers and chex mix for dinner. Well, one hamburger. Two citizens of Hamburg are too much for me.

More related, I watched Back to the Future 2 and The Avengers (on tape) before I went to sleep, which probably bashed my brain into that last part.
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