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05:24 pm

Monday, July 5th, 2004
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So, I went to see Harry Potter 3 with my mom and my brother, since I had the day off. This was the first Harry Potter movie I didn't wait for DVD.. because it was the first one I read before the movie came out. Or at least, *planned* to read before the movie came out. Anyway, it was pretty great. They crammed almost all of the story from the book into 3 hours.

But before that could happen, I had to move my mom's car out of the way so that we could take my dad's car to the movies. And while doing this, I began to wonder if I would be able to get my car out for work tomorrow. Then I remembered that I probably shouldn't drive my car, since it's overdue for its state inspection. Then I remembered that its state inspection was today...

Whoops. Call up the Honda dealer, they say it's cool as long as I can get it in by 12:00. That's when Harry Potter starts, but we can still make it there on time. After all, they're going to play eight full length trailers before the movie. (I didn't know the number was eight then.)

Get there, plenty of time, hand over my registration and insurance. Great, this insurance only had a couple... wait. This expired on July 3rd. And I can't call the insurance company because they're closed for the holiday. Oh, but I know I must have it lying around at home. I can just fax it in.

Okay, so we're going back. It's cool, there's also a 1:15 showing for Harry Potter, at a different place. So, let's go back, get the insurance, fax it in, and go. Got back, look at my keys... say, that's funny. They're not going to be able to do much without this key. Look at the phone. There's a message for me, relaying that fact. Okay, find the insurance, go back, give them that and the keys.

Can't find the insurance. Might not have actually renewed the insurance this year. Again, can't do anything because the insurance company is closed today. Call up the Honda dealer, and suggest that if they could do the inspection tomorrow, I could drop off my key and insurance then. They think that they can do the inspection anyway, since the insurance just expired, and as for the key... they can make a new key.

...That's right, they're the dealer... of course. They can make a new key! Things are actually looking up. The inspection can happen, I can watch Harry Potter.

I do so, as I mentioned at the top of this entry. On the way back, get a call from my Dad. He says that my car is done, but it's going to need a new boot or something. He wasn't entirely sure. Okay, that's annoying, but at least it went through. Honda dealer, pay, leave, drive home, park.


Walk inside.

As my Mom pulls into the driveway, my parked car starts drifting... backwards. And stops.

The emergency brake apparently isn't that great either. Forgot to leave it in gear when I parked. Right. Okay.

Talked to my brother, and he thinks the "boot thing" is probably a CV-boot (not CV_BOOT), which he explained connects the suspension to the axle. Which isn't an unreasonable thing to need replacing, since I've driven on some really crummy roads. So, that'll happen next week.

But now... I feel I'm not entirely sure how to spend the remaining hours of the day. And I like this feeling.
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