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11:59 pm

Friday, July 2nd, 2004
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Still pretty sick. I did try to go into work this morning though. See, the nyquil made me feel invincible. I got two blocks of 4hrs sleep last night because of the nyquil. But when it wears off, things are not too jolly, daytime medicine or no.

Driving was particularly weird. My car has a pretty loud engine, which seemed whisper-quiet to me because of all the congestion in my ears. Oh yeah. I did get to try out my new Delphi GPS though. It was pretty great.

[There is a long pause here, where I sleep for a while, and get on with my day]

I was planning on going to minimel9900's graduation party tomorrow, but that's not going to happen barring some kind of miracle tomorrow morning.

Yesterday, I got my Nick Wilson's Gamers DVDs (the feature and the making-of/commentary). Nine bucks well spent. It was great to see the project I'd read about in czircon's journal come to life, and of course it was nothing like I expected. The making-of is definitely worth watching, as the 'storyline' of the film's creation is just as good as the one *in* the film. Plus, there was the Adam Parrish--I mean myth line. Those jokes that only maybe 25 people will ever get... those jokes have the highest payoff of all. The audio commentary was also great, speaking as someone who has spent all summer listening to audio commentaries. Except that you didn't introduce yourselves and what you did at the beginning, which is helpful because when someone new starts talking a minute thirty into the commentary, you don't jump out of your seat in surprise... *I* don't jump... anyway. Glad you got around to burning these to DVD, and I'm looking forward to more films.

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[User Picture]From: czircon
2004-07-03 05:41 am (UTC)

Heh, I'm glad you enjoyed the DVDs. Yeah, we should have introduced ourselves, but there was so much to say (especially at the beginning) that we kind of, uh, forgot.

I really enjoyed ending the film (aside from the alternate ending) with the mereboredom/Adam Parrish/myth joke that would completely baffle the general public.
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