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11:57 pm

Friday, June 11th, 2004
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This is a pretty amusing waste of time, if you've got some headphones. Plus, I can now classify my favorite genre of music in the late 90s as 'experimental jungle'. I had no idea about anything I was listening to then, but I got lots of cool stuff thanks to... INTERNET.

On Wednesday, there was a picnic at work for my department (tools & methodology). I drove around for an hour and couldn't find it. Good ol' sense of direction failed again.

On Thursday, it was my brother Ben's high school graduation. Which they had at the University of Delaware. In the middle of the afternoon. Here's most of the class of 2004:

Image of the class seated in front of the stage

And here's Ben walking in. This photo turned out almost like I wanted it to. I need steadier hands.

Image of Ben walking

And then today was just a regular normal day, except it rained a lot.

Hmm, I started watching a Doctor Who this afternoon and forgot about it until now. Finish watching that, or get some sleep... hmm....
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