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01:07 am

Tuesday, May 25th, 2004
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Went back to Bateman's, for their all-you-can eat wings for $9. Would have been a better deal if I was in top form. But this time I drove there, following Mapquest's directions. Mapquest somehow got me there... in two hours of driving! Heh, oops. On the way back, Collin told me the way to go. And it took one hour. Heh... OOOPS!@$ At least I know my car seems to be in good working order for the drive home.

I'm moving out tomorrow morning. Well, moving my computers and some clothes out. Most of my junk can stay, since I'm moving across the apartment to a different room in the fall.

I want to have the machine I'm leaving behind record Doctor Who while I'm gone, so I stuck an old bttv card in it. The problem is that this computer runs OpenBSD. Great for firewalls... apparently not so great for recording TV. The official port of mencoder has no bktr driver. The latest mencoder I compiled myself has the driver, but it just sits at START and never records anything. xawtv's streamer tries harder, but only gets garbage, even though xawtv's ttv seems to work. (the machine has no X libraries) Transcode has never had bktr support.

So now the conundrum is: keep the OS on it, and use the rest of the week to try and make it work (no Doctor Who til Saturday), or quickly install a minimal Gentoo Linux with video stuff. I think I'll sleep on it...
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