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01:04 am

Friday, May 14th, 2004
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So, class is over? Yeah, must be. I'm essentially finished with 3 of my classes. Already finished 2 finals, one of those was 8am today (thursday). After bashing my head into it all day today, I finished my ALC reasoner for 498W. Pretty it up, and turn it in tomorrow (friday). Philosophy final on saturday, physics on wednesday. Both 8am.

I've been trying out allofmp3, and I like it. Much faster and more convenient than the edonkey network, well under my impulse-buy range ($.01-$.02 per MB), and most importantly, linux-compatible; web based; and no DRM. It has a great scheme where you can request the files to be encoded in your favorite format and bitrate. Almost everything is available in Ogg Vorbis, and a few can be downloaded in FLAC. Still, for these prices, I'm not complaining about lossy compression. It's pretty much the anti-itunes in all the best ways. Not too useful for downloading something new off of digitally imported, but for a lot of other stuff, their library is pretty good. I mean, they have the soundtrack for the game Dune 1 :)

I think there might be a correlation between waking up early and having new ideas. Not necessarily good ones, but they seem like it all day. At least I wasn't so preoccupied during my computer vision final today as I was the last time it happened, and I kept perceiving the world as an RTS while trying to take a physics test.

I might have to buy a gamecube so I can continue to play Ikaruga when I move back home next week.

Current Music A Flock of Seagulls - Ran (So Far Away)
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