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08:02 pm

Tuesday, April 27th, 2004
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Did another ODE tutorial. I have two double pendulums, colliding with each other and causing mayhem in 3D. Also, I attempted to add projection shadows, but I had a lot of trouble. Pretty much gave up for now. The problem is that there is a chunk of code that a lot of people are using, but I don't understand how it works, or see how it corresponds to what I read in the red book about shadows. I'll post these on here sooner or later. There is still another part to the tutorial that I haven't done yet, about motors or something. And I wonder if it would be possible to simulate a rope line using ODE, rather than the rigid bars that I'm using now. I'd probably have to make a bunch of discrete bars and draw them as a curve, eating a bunch of CPU. But maybe it can do something tricky to avoid that.

This week is a welcome change from last week. It's not full of exams and projects. Which is actually a kind of dangerous situation because I'm much more interested in learning about OpenGL while playing with ODE than doing schoolwork right now. And on that note, time to continue reading about description logics for school.

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