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01:49 am

Saturday, April 10th, 2004
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Another week of classes, thankfully over. Went with Scott to Best Buy so he could pick up Frozen Throne. I ended up getting the PC port of Spy Hunter 2 for $10, and they didn't have Frozen Throne. Found it at Circuit City instead. But, Spy Hunter! Heh.

It feels like a $10 game. Even though most of the graphics are nice (except for those low, low resolution textures), nearly everything else is lacking. The game would not run until I disabled the X-windows style mouse behavior. Instead, it would work until I moved the mouse, ever so slightly. Then it would crash. It has no mouse support anyway, only keyboard. The default controls are terrible. I ended up reassigning them to the arrows and zxcvb. The voices are all broken. They give you some kind of back-story in the manual, but that story never seems to be advanced in the game. The missions are all the same, just in different locations.

I do like the music. Remixes of the original theme, and the in-game music is nice and reminiscent of recent spy movies. The car<-> boat transform is still there, as well as this motorcycle type thing that you transform into when damaged. So, there are some good points to it. But overall, gameplay counts. Also, having a story is a cheap and effective way to make your game not suck. Finally, this is obviously a port from a console. The last one of those I played, Beyond Good & Evil, just felt unpolished. Spy Hunter 2... it felt unfinished.

Addendum: Upon further inspection, the game is actually just called Spy Hunter. Not Spy Hunter 2. Spy Hunter 2 was actually a crappy sequel to the original arcade game.
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