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10:14 pm

Tuesday, January 27th, 2004
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I've needed to update and I haven't.

Moved back to MD on sunday. Beat the snowstorm, got my computer stuff set up. My room is full of boxes again. Someday, I will move in and remember to send the boxes back first.

School was cancelled on monday due to snow, and I mostly just helped Scott set up Fedora on VMware.

School was on today, though it was icy out. Here are my first impressions of my classes from today: PHYS170 (mechanics) should be nice. It is assumed that we've taken some physics before, but this looks to be more comprehensive. CMSC426 (image processing) is a class on computer vision, one of my favorite things in computer science. Also, one of the things that's been most opaque to me because of the math. I'm excited about this one. They finally decided to close school at 3:00 PM today, but I was done with my classes hours before that.

This evening, I bought another PS/2 to USB adapter at RadioShack to test with my KVM switch. The adapter seemed to work better, and then the video stopped working. Seriously. My KVM switch is no longer switching video, and the keyboard works only infrequently with the RS adapter. And now, with the old adapter back in... I'm still getting no video. I'm angry and tired.
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