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Phone Post:

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003
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673K 3:09
“Good morning.

So, Tuesday and Thursday mornings are definitely the time for these. I always get up earlier than I need to and have, I don't know, five minutes to kill before I have to go out to class.

So, I filled out my calindar -- my actual paper calindar, with stuff to do. I haven't done that before last semester. I had a, a stack, which is a bunch of papers I glued onto my wall with things on them arranged in order of date and then priority. Which is good, but a calindar is kind of easier, as it turns out, if you can put one where you can write on it. Anyways, this thing, I've got a deliverable, at least one deliverable every day of the week, every weekday that is, until classes are over, except for Monday, not especially great. I'm going to have to do work aren't I?

But I finished KOTOR, Knights of the Old Republic, last night. That was definitely my goal; I wasn't going to sleep until I finished that. It was well worth it.

So now I can have at least one day where I won't have games interrupting my work until, uh, Deus Ex 2 comes out, uh, and I probably will have it by tomorrow. That's going to be trouble, because as I said I have work to do, a lot.

Um, I noticed that I haven't been getting my LiveJournal comments. And I always blame somebody else for this, but what it always comes down to is that somehow a piece of spam creeps in to, uh, the box that I keep my mail on that has a bogus return address, or something, so it gets past that sendmail, but it won't get past my sendmail. And when fetchmail finds something that won't do that, it just stops. So all of the sudden mail delivery stops until I go into the other box and manually delete my, my mail [chuckle] with the mail command. Not especially good.

I want to be all precise and all and time this. But I haven't done that yet... in any of these. And I probably will. You probably can't hear that [and you can't -bitman], but those were my, uh, LiveJournal comments just being announced. [laughs] huhuh. Yeah, I just fixed that right now and their finally getting through, haha [triumphant]. One day I'm gonna fix that.

Oh well, that's just about everything for this morning. I'm going to class.”

Transcribed by: bitman
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[User Picture]From: bitman
2003-12-08 02:02 pm (UTC)
I can't believe I spent a good twenty minutes transcribing a three minute post. I really need to work on my typing speed; I'd make a horrible secretary.

Or I could just not... that sounds better.
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