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12:14 am

Thursday, October 16th, 2003
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Two midterms today. They went alright. But for the Human Resource Management one, they had to check student IDs... and guess what I forgot! Good thing my driver's license was okay.

Afterwards, I had to choose between Managerial Accounting lecture and an ACM seminar called "Developing Video Games for Fun and Profit." Okay, it wasn't a hard choice. Still, I felt bad because I missed the other accounting lecture this week.. missed it to.. well..

Yeah, that's my very own copy of Visual Basic (and it's end user license agreement). In 434, we need it for a homework assignment. So at the end of class, the professor tells everyone that needs a copy to come back to his office. I assumed that he would be handing out CD-Rs, but nope. He's got a huge box of free, full copies of VB. That's Microsoft for ya... Anyway, I would have been 25 minutes late to class if I had gone after that.

(It works properly under wine, but has to be installed with cp rather than wine setup.exe)

Anyway, the game development thing was interesting. Not a lot of new information, but some nice reassurances that most people attempting to get into the industry will be screwed ;)

So tired...

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