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12:52 am

Wednesday, October 1st, 2003
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Tuesday: Did the watch presentation for Technical Writing. Well, watched it. I did not touch the watch. Might not have gone so well, but at least it looked nice, what with all the purty pictures.

Much later Tuesday, took the first Managerial Accounting test. It went well, I believe I got a 22/25.

HR class is cancelled tomorrow (today), so I'll use that time to go buy things. A few groceries, and a few supplies for the paper prototype of our Hitchhiker's Guide.

I think the bulk of my schoolwork this week is over. Thankfully. And also, omgwtf it's cold out and it's October! Autumn is okay, but it loses its novelty fast. Especially when all the plant life dies. There's nothing that's not depressing about barren trees. So, I've got that to look forward to. Tomorrow is going to be another long day. I want time to work on spacegame!
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