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11:23 pm

Saturday, September 20th, 2003
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Thursday, school was canceled due to the hurricane. I got so much done on spacegame. It now has rudimentary positional (read: stereo) sound effects that can be emitted by any body, as well as warning beeps from your own ship. I even made 3 placeholder sound effects: two beeps, and a laser sound. It's even more like a video game with sound effects!

Thursday night, the hurricane was in full effect. The power would flicker off then on, just about every time I decided to write an LJ entry about it. This killed my computers every time, because my UPS battery is dead. Sometime during all this, I made a backup of my spacegame source tree and left it somewhere on the intarweb. Then, an hour or two after midnight, the power went out for good. Word gets out that the estimated recovery time is 5-7 days. I played tetris gnometris on my laptop until the drunks outside were shut up by the police.

Friday morning, I wake up. No power, so obviously no alarm clock. I check UMD's page on my mobile phone's web browser, they have closed again. I take a look at how I can use this time. Can't work on spacegame without my PC, can't collaborate with either of my group projects without the network. There is absolutely nothing to do. Go back to sleep.

Friday afternoon. I wake up. No power, and now I have to find something to do. Scott suggests going to the Target to buy gameboy advanceds, and maybe a link cable. Looking at the prices changed our minds pretty quick. We bought Risk, Chess, and Scrabble instead. The rest of Friday was basically spent playing Risk. I'd never played this before... but I like it! It's the closest I have to civ3, anyway :P Fortunately, we do have running water. Unfortunately, it is not heated, so showering is short and cold. At this point, the University of Maryland got its power back. One such building with power is RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from us. Ugh. Another great use they had for their power was for four spotlights moving around for some event, belching out light into the sky as if to announce they had more power than they knew what to do with.

Saturday afternoon. I wake up. No power, and I remember that I have 4 top sirloin steaks in the freezer that I'd rather not see go rancid. Power came back at home Saturday morning. Well, this doesn't take a genius. I'm going home, and taking my thawing meat with me! Threw out most of our other food items that had already gone bad, packed my bags, and left. Once I got out of College Park (and its non-functioning traffic lights), it was an easy drive back. It's always nice to come back home, even better when you're bringing dinner :) So, here I am using my laptop, getting caught up on all my web stuff, and having a grand old electrically powered time. Not especially looking forward to going back to the stone age on Monday.

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[User Picture]From: suppafly
2003-09-21 12:22 pm (UTC)

at work last night..

i got a call from some lady in NC that will be out of power for an estimated 3-4 weeks.. so the fact that her phone will be out until wednesday didn't even phase her..
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[User Picture]From: kvance
2003-09-22 09:12 am (UTC)

Re: at work last night..

Yeah, NC got hit really hard as usual. There's a lot of pictures on the web, like of roads getting swept away by the ocean.
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[User Picture]From: suppafly
2003-09-22 10:12 am (UTC)

Re: at work last night..

and yet they never learn their lesson.. they just keep rebuilding year after year..

granted, there is little else they could do considering the amount of poverty in NC
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