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05:43 pm

This entry is HUEG LOL

Tuesday, September 16th, 2003
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Yesterday was one of those days that felt like two days because I was awake for too much of it. Nothing interesting happened, though I did learn that the reason Direct Connect wasn't working was that it also wanted UDP packets to go through.

Busy, busy day today.

Talked to Kavita, spelled with an a, in technical writing. So now I can once again go on believing that the world is free of people named Kevita. Anyway, she said it's not an uncommon name in India. And it's not really pronounced like Kevita either. Fair enough.

I got home from classes, and OH NOES! OPENSSH HAS ANOTHER SECURITY HOLE! Patched 4 machines.

Then I went to the store. This was interesting. Last time, I went west instead of east, so I avoided that exit... and never got to the road I wanted to, because it seems you can only go west on it. Turn around, get on the road, turn around again. Got to the store, and squeezed into this parking space... except it was so small, I couldn't open my door far enough to get out. Duh, whoops. Park, shop, plunk down my stuff at the register, reach for my wallet... oh dear, I left it in my car. Run, get it, run back, make transaction, apologize profusely to clerk, drive back here, and that little excursion is done!

And then I get some mail! Yesterday, I ordered a new timex velcro watchband from, who I chose because they were on the first page of my google search. Today, the watch band arrived. Whaaa? Looking at the return address.. oh, the site I picked at random happens to be located not thirty minutes from where I live. Convenient! My watch is now looking considerably less shabby.

Who knows what other crazy adventures I'll have today? None, if I can help it. I'm staying inside and making tacos. Absolutely nothing crazy could result from this.

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