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Monday, August 11th, 2003
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Here is my opinion about some things:

Star Trek: Elite Force 2 was a first person shooter. It was two afternoons of fun. The graphics were nice, it was cool to walk around the Enterprise. The gameplay was sickeningly linear. It can be replayed exactly once, to get the alternate ending, finding the secrets you missed on the way. After that, there's no point. At least that's one more replay than Unreal 2 has.

GTA: Vice City gets better every time I play it. Owning various properties, and completing missions to have them generate revenue is more fun than the storyline missions themselves!

SpamAssassin was worth the time it took to set up.. many times over. It has analyzed ~9500 unique messages since I started using it in May of this year. Since then, it's like my inbox has returned to those halcyon days of 1997. If a spam does show up, as it does about once a week, it's more of a curiosity. Meanwhile, an average of 80 other spams per day are thrown into a spam folder, which I clean out every few days. I have had two messages falsely identified as spam, but both were spammy looking mailings from companies that I've actually done business with. After correcting the mistake with sa-learn, it doesn't happen again.

The "last" Futurama was pretty good. The Fry and Leela episodes are my favorite, and this was no exception. (Trying not to spoil too much) The "deal with the devil" part in the beginning was pure comic gold. Not a bad place to leave the characters at all. I sincerely hope that Cartoon Network picks up the show and produces more episodes, but I'm not holding my breath.

And now, here is that alphabet survey that everybody is doing.

(Yoinked from stargazer via endril)

A - Age: 20 years

B - Best Quality: Is "reality distortion field" a quality? I'm not as good as Steve Jobs, but I've been cultivating it.

C - Choice of Meat: Oh, this is tricky. I like a really good steak, medium rare. The problem is that really good steaks are so expensive. Chicken is good because it's cheaper, and more versatile.

D - Dream Date: Hm, not really my field. A woman would be a good start.

E - Ex (most recent): If by most recent, you mean only one ever, then this chick from high school, where we basically fooled around whenever the opporunity arose. What a weird relationship that was.

F - Favorite Food: I can't decide. I like food a lot. The food I've probably eaten the most of is pizza.

G - Greatest Accomplishment: I don't really have one, not yet. I have ideas, but I need money and time for research. I guess it could be getting accepted into for UMD. Compared to the credentials of some of the computer science people there, I have no idea how I got into college at all, being a white male with unimpressive marks from high school.

H - Happiest Day of Your Life: Very good question. I think it was probably the day that enough parts came in the mail to build my curent workstation, atlas, a dual athlon computer. My mom said she had never seen me happier than when I was working on that machine that day.

I - Internal Conflicts: All the time. I'm lonely, but I don't want to be with people. I feel like I'm letting my friends down because I have no internal drive to go out and do things. You know, introvert stuff.

J - Jail Time: Are you serious? :P I got a detention in high school for missing a band lesson once.

K - Kool-Aid: Is not appealing because it doesn't have caffeine in it.

L - Love: One night, after reading too much Arthur C. Clarke, after a day of reading up on neural networks, right before I fell asleep my final thought was "Love is like a solution to a system of equations, and the one you love is a solution whose net error is below a given threshold." Having never been in love, I was clearly just trying to apply linear algebra to everyday life.

M - Most Valued Thing I Own: My data. Old programs, chat logs, documents. These things are my memories. Everything else can be replaced, but I want what's on my hard drives.

N - Name: Vance. Kevin Vance. It's a great name. Only 3 syllables, and nobody ever mispronounces it.

O - Outfit You Love: I don't really care about this kind of thing. My anti-DVDCCA t-shirt is probably my favorite shirt. Every other time I wear it, somebody asks about it. I ended up talking to some random non-CS professor for like 20 minutes about DVD and Copyright issues because of the shirt once. I also look really good in a suit, but you'll probably never see me in one.

P - Pizza Toppings: Does every survey ask this? I like bacon on my pizza. But only the real kind, not those damn fresh-from-the-freezer chunks. I've stopped going to pizza places I used to love because of this issue.

Q - Question You Want To Ask: What was the question?

R - Road Trips: No. I hate driving. It's only recently become tolerable with the purchase of a cool car.

S - Sport To Watch: NFL Football (don't hate me!)

T - Television Show: Here's what I've been watching over the summer: Black Adder, Red Dwarf, Futurama, Fawlty Towers. Mostly catching up on BBC stuff I've missed. We need that in America :P

U - Unique Habit: I don't have a unique habit. I have been accused of Bill Gates style "rocking" when thinking about stuff, but that's certainly not unique.

V - Voice: Human voice, bland uncool American accent. And unless the voice actor's union ends up owing me a favor, you'll be hearing a lot of it in spacegame :P

W - Winter: Winter should last 1 month. The cold is refreshing, the snow is inspiring. And after that, it's too damn cold out, and the sidewalks are slippery, and the barren trees are depressing, and why's it so dark all the time?!@

X - X?: Blackmail is such an ugly word. I prefer extortion; the X makes it sound cool.

Y - Your Name If You'd Been Born The Opposite Sex: Kevita ^_^;

Z - Zodiac Sign: Taurus. Bah, what a lame final question. I would have asked "Z - Zork?", and answered "Zork 1 would have to be my favorite. A true classic."

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From: thp
2003-08-11 02:32 pm (UTC)
I've only tried the demo of Elite Force 2 thus far, but it seemed pretty interesting as a game. And it has that same feel that Elite Force 1 had that I really enjoyed-- Elite Force was the only FPS since Doom that felt immersive to me. There are a lot of FPSen I enjoy, but to date only Doom and EF have given me that warm, fuzzy turn-a-corner-and-see-a-bad-guy-and-scream-because-you-feel-like-you're-there feeling. The demo for EF2 seemed like a pretty good repeat of that feeling, but I reserve final judgement for actually playing the game.

Vice City and Spamassassin I agree with you on unequivocally.
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[User Picture]From: kvance
2003-08-11 08:04 pm (UTC)
Ah. I've only played the demo of EF1, but I remember enjoying it. I do have the fullversion CD sitting here, just haven't installed it yet. I liked DOOM because the graphics were incredible. Rooms with differing lights, stairs, lifts, outdoor scenes! The actual gameplay got kinda tedious, honestly. I don't think I ever finished without cheating. But I didn't mind because there was nothing else like it.

I think Deus Ex has spoiled me; in that game, the decisions you made affected later gameplay, and even the plot. In EF2, the only decision you get to make is between the earth chick and the alien chick :P
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From: thp
2003-08-11 08:33 pm (UTC)
EF1 only has a few storyline branches too, but the gameplay in it is great. It's like, you turn a corner and there's a borg there and he says "RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!" and you're like AIEEEEEEE. The levels and lighting and such are designed extremely well for maximum spookiness. Like Doom, only moreso.

I should try Deus Ex sometime. Everyone's always blathering about how it's the greatest game ever and all.
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