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11:01 pm

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003
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"Name, please."
"Calling... Home"
I think that is the coolest thing my phone does. I'll never have to remember another number! Not like I remembered them before, I just kept them on my palm pilot. On the subject, thanks axiem and apriljoy for messages! :)

I drove all the way to kartos's house tonight. I thought I'd get lost, but I didn't. I guess even an oaf like me can find my way around with two maps!

Let's see.. tried a new Indian place for lunch today. It was pretty good. I've never actually had a vindaloo at a restaurant before. Hottest thing I've ever had at lunchtime, that's for sure.

Haven't got enough sleep all week. But compared to what I was getting at college, I'm like the king of sleep. Oh well...
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