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01:07 am

Sunday, June 1st, 2003
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Did cleaning the whole day. The rest of this week, I've had other tasks to attend to, but not today. Got a lot accomplished. Cleared out the closet; threw away lots of precious memories; moved waiting stuff from the floor to the closet; swapped a desk for a bookshelf. I still have to work on the surface of my dresser (including braving whatever's been growing behind it for 6 years to pick up whatever's fallen down there) and cleaning the computer corner (not a small task). It would be optimistic to say I'll be done tomorrow, but that's what I'm shooting for. I start work on Monday. Also, after I get the stuff in here cleaned out, I still have to move all the shit I left in the living room into here.

Things I've found:

  1. Copy of the Saga of the ZZT/MegaZeuxers printed on computer paper
  2. My DEPRECATED stamp!!
  3. 007 1/2 in the Future, a book I wrote for school when I was 9 ("Kevin Vance is 9 years old. He enjoys writing about future things, high technology, and humor... When Kevin isn't writing books, he enjoys programming computer games, which will someday be sold to the public.")
  4. All my yearbooks from middle and high school
  5. Lots of old sketches and writings I did.

Threw away a sad amount of stuff today, but it had to go. Not throwing stuff out is how this room got so trashed in the first place.

Krazy Glue is not my friend. While repairing my DEPRECATED stamp, I almost glued my finger to the dispenser, but I pulled it off before it set. Of course, a bit of the label came with it. Had to cut very slightly the top layer of skin so I could peel that stuff off. The human skin is neat. I should probably stop writing and do a little more work.

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[User Picture]From: price
2003-06-01 08:14 am (UTC)
Dude, aloe does wonders for removing those extra sticky adhesives from fingers (NMIAOW!%#@#%@#%)
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