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04:14 pm

Monday, May 12th, 2003
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Remember when I was bitching about Doctor Who getting interrupted last weekend? Well, I made a clip (4MB). I have never seen anything interrupted by an emergency test at a more inappropriate time, and now you can enjoy it too.

Weird day today. Actually woke up on time for Statistics, so I could get my exam back and bask in the 45% I got on it (5% higher than I predicted!) Got back here, and fell asleep for 90 minutes. I hate doing that because I'm always in a slightly hypnagogic state for maybe 5 minutes afterwards, not really separated from my dreams yet. I still thought that I didn't have to call work about my job, and that my dad had disconnected the air conditioning in our new giant house made out of wood, and that there was goop on my fingers that I couldn't get off. That was the worst because I kept trying to figure out how I got goop on my hands when I was sleeping. At least the nap allowed me to stay awake through Accounting class.

And now I'm here. Time to get back to work on my project, on which I am over 2 weeks behind schedule.
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