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03:14 pm

Friday, May 9th, 2003
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Man, am I glad this week is done. I was dead already after thursday's 351 exam (didn't go as well as I wanted) and 420 quiz (seemed fine). Then there's today's statistics exam (a disaster), accounting quiz (I haven't developed any accounting intuition yet, so I have no idea how it went), and accounting homework, which was done between those two classes, printed on my last 4 sheets of inkjet paper.

To clarify "disaster", I mean that I only had time to do half the exam, and the half that I did I'm not very sure about.

But, that's it. Three days of classes left, and the only assignment I have left is my hopelessly neglected Data Structures final project. At least xdt pointed out a flaw in my B+-Tree design, and known bugs are better than unknown ones.

En route to accounting, there was a pleasant amount of rain falling. But coming back, it was absolutely pouring.

I'm probably going to work on my project for the majority of every day of classes remaining now that I've completed all the work for those classes.
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