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04:09 pm

Thursday, May 8th, 2003
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Let's have an update.

Yesterday, I had this great idea for, since I'm obviously never going to finish what's there now. I'm not saying anything else, because it's probably just vapor. So, that's what I did yesterday rather than study. Fortunately, I had already agreed to meet Helen that night for stat, so at least I got some work done there.

Wake up today. Murphy's Law had a significant presence. I have an Algorithms exam that I haven't even thought about yet, but it's not til 12:30, so I have time. Decide to cook a nice breakfast, which actually works. Then drop a whole package of bacon on my dirty floor. Great, fine. Let's get to work, print out the practice exam. Paper jam. I've never seen this printer do that before. Open up the back, fix the jam, get ink all over my hands. Resume. Out of paper. Put in the LAST of my inkjet paper, and miraculously, it's enough. Get to work on that practice exam, okay, didn't do much, time to go. Quick look in the mirror... my pants are on BACKWARDS!

After that, there was an exam which I don't think went well, then a quiz in Data Structures that I didn't even think about contemplating glancing at my notes for. This probably went better than the Algorithms test. Now I'm back here, and I have a stat exam tomorrow.

The only thing that's important from those last 3 paragraphs was that I could have my pants on backwards and not even notice. The only reason I did was because the pockets seemed weird. Two days ago, I noticed the same thing with pockets. So I may have been wearing them backwards all day then, too.

So, when you hear me complain that I'm losing my mind, it's not entirely baseless :P
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