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11:40 am


Wednesday, April 2nd, 2003
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I popped on to the forums on z2, which I haven't seen in a while. Of course, all the users, posts, and topics had been wiped out. This doesn't really surprise me, because I can recall at least 2 other times that this has happened. Back on, they did it too. Before that, I made some /detailed/ posts about ZZT, about the fileformat, about ideas for KevEdit. But there's really no point in making new posts on those boards. Better for announcements and answering questions.

Things I want to do, and deadlines for them that I made up:

  • 351: Algorithms homework (2 April)
  • 400: Statistics homework (3 April)
  • 420: Fully tested PM1 Quadtree (6 April)
  • H: Complete pilot-link conduit (6 April)
  • 420: Fully tested adjacency list (7 April)
  • 420: Specification complete (10 April)
  • 351: Fullly tested project (13 April) </ol>
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