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01:26 am

Oh, and a kernel upgrade.

Tuesday, April 1st, 2003
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It was way too cold today (monday). But I think that only affected today. I wrote the next two paragraphs yesterday, but they weren't quite ready then.

Running the gentoo series xfs-sources linux kernel 2.4.20. One of the many patches it includes is the preemptable kernel patch. It is pretty cool to do ls -lR /usr (which is on the 15KRPM SCSI) and then do other stuff without the system showing any effort. Also, unlike the last time I tried this patch, I am still able to record 640x480 100-quality MJPEG video in software with no detriment to performance. Fantastic!

Found out that over spring break, OIT upgraded leonardtown from 10bT shared to 10bT switched. It does indeed seem to be sucking less.

I'm installing user-mode linux. Rather, it is installed, and I'm preparing a base install of gentoo for its filesystem. I set up the UML kernel with FreeSWAN, so I can experiment with VPN stuff. But rather than watching glibc compile, I ought to go to sleep.

Paul was over today, exchanged more game CDs. He now has all his back plus Jedi Outcast, and I have installed (but not kept the CD of) Battlefield 1942: Road to Rome. Very cool stuff.

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