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09:53 pm

Monday, March 10th, 2003
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% ./ljsync --version
Handhelj pilot-link conduit 1.3.0beta2 (C) 2003 Kev Vance

Interface Version: 1.3.0beta2
Core Logic Version: Java-HandheljConduit/1.3.0beta2

This is only cool because C++ prints the first version, while java prints the second version:

using namespace std;
cout << "Interface Version: " << VERSION << endl;

using namespace java::lang;
System::out->print(JvNewStringLatin1("Core Logic Version: "));

Hee hee! Utils is the java class with a bunch of static methods for.. utilites. Anyway, I'm making progress at a ridiculous rate. So I'm going to stop for tonight. Don't want to forget about my schoolwork.
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