Kevin Vance - alias gain='emu-dspmgr -l"Pcm" -f /usr/local/share/emu10k1/gain_2.bin'

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03:23 pm

alias gain='emu-dspmgr -l"Pcm" -f /usr/local/share/emu10k1/gain_2.bin'

Friday, February 21st, 2003
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It's stuff like that that makes me appreciate the linux emu10k1 drivers even more. Repeat for extra gain, killing sound quality... but it's only useful in situations where the environment is so noisy that the ability to hear your sound is more important :P

I used the word "deice" in my last post. This triggered my longterm memory, and eventually I remembered the last time I had used this word. When you downloaded the latest Apogee shareware game from your favorite BBS, you would run DEICE to install it! Haha!

Current Music digistorm - deep down below (NECTARINE)
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