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12:39 pm

Friday, February 21st, 2003
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YES! Network is up again! I'm still on's shitlist, but that's okay.

All things considered, UMD didn't do a bad job making the campus walkable. This morning, every other sidewalk was covered in ice, and the staircase to the math building was treacherous, but there was actually a guy there warning people about it until they got their salt spreaders (or whatever they use to deice stairs) over there.

Walking back, I was finally struck by.. the whole lots-of-snow concept. On the hill between the chapel and route one, there's this pathway that I usually follow, sloping down. Today, the path was clear, and there's bright white snow to both sides; it's noon, and for once... there is nobody else. The path is completely clear ahead of me; no people, no cars, just snow and the path and me; and for the first time in weeks, I had found solitude... and I have missed it. I've missed it.
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