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11:59 pm

Wednesday, February 12th, 2003
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Network is sucking. They must be trying (and failing) some kind of packet shaping, because pings are going through (at the rate they were before yesterday, ~7% loss), but actual connections time out left and right, and are very slow. Forget about listening to Nectarine, or even DigitallyImported. Time to listen to mods. Only 104 mods in my new mods directory. Sad.

I want to have this GNOME compile (the one I started at the beginning of the week) finished by noon tomorrow, and inability to download the sources is the lamest reason why it shouldn't work.

In my apartment, Mike (was roommate) and JR (had single room) switched rooms; theory being that since JR is almost never here, it's like Mike and I get single rooms. We'll see if that works in practice.

I'm procrastinating on my algorithms homework til tomorrow morning. I'm a moron. But I've got like 2.5 / 5 problems done. I can't believe that it's the same day it was this morning.

This entry was interesting because I went back to previous paragraphs while writing other paragraphs in order to keep similar ideas together.

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