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12:06 am

Wednesday, January 15th, 2003
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Argh, I somehow managed to bruise several of my fingers under the fingernails. This makes it annoying to type and very hard to play the keyboard :(

Dr. Hudson, my dentist, seems to think my wisdom teeth are a ticking time bomb. No time to do anything about it now. If it becomes a problem, hopefully it will become a problem in the summer. Also, I'm going to see about getting one of those ultrasonic toothbrushes. My parents both recommend it.

Heh. Thanks, gtkspell, for the negative reinforcement on typing 'reccomend'.

If I were to buy music off the internet... the purchases are of single tracks, maybe with some discount for purchasing an album; the audio is CD quality, uncompressed or losslessly compressed; there are no digital restrictions -- if I play it in Linux running on a m68k on my watch, it's my business; at $.50 per track, I'd buy them indiscriminately; at $1.00 per track, I'd occasionally buy only the ones I really wanted in full quality; at $2.00 per track, forget about it. That's what I'd want anyway, probably impossible to make a profit off that.

I have extra energy from napping this afternoon. I will use it to continue stomping bugs in Handhelj. These are all display bugs, by the way. Total functionality for wireless enabled Palms has been finished since 5 January.

Current Music Guardians of the Earth - One Moon Circling (main mix)
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