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07:02 am

Saturday, December 21st, 2002
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aueoau horrible awakeness!

Crazy disconnected dreams. First, I worked at IBM until they found out that I didn't work there and took away my huge monitor. Then I was in this Deus Ex type situation where I had a mission and got status points and was able to restart if I screwed up. Sometimes I would talk to people, and "important stuff" they said showed up on my "notes" screen. I remember specifically having to use my student ID and some false papers to get into this airport, and then restarting the mission a different way. Then, there was this huge space age vacation facility. While there, I decided to go to an AI conference, taking the airport from the previous sequence. But on the way, I won some "free space training" and got paraded to the space training thing with much fanfare. So I get there, and the hot space instructor chick starts saying the introduction and then "So first, we'll need you to put this rubber mask on..." to which I responded "uh, how long is this going to take?" Because I had to get to the airport. I think the answer was like 50 minutes, but she was pretty disappointed.

Okay, I wasted a lot of time writing that, but I figured it deserved recording.
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From: xdt
2002-12-21 08:25 pm (UTC)
I hate to tell you, but that was no dream. Apparently, you somehow accidentally swallowed ten or so hits of acid, and, well...

You made CNN, though. I taped the coverage. :D
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